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The flowery style is not unsuitable to public speeches or addresses which amount only to compliment. The lighter beauties are in their place when there is nothing more solid to say but the flowery style ought to be banished from a pleading a sermon or a didactic work.

People often pulled into Scientology want to address personal problems in their life and Scientology says we have technology that addresses these kinds of problems. Just focusing on the problems and trying to remedy them can be helpful.

The right combination is between a free economy and social policy that addresses the needs of society and creates equal opportunity.

When I was in my 30s I was at the end of a long-term relationship and going through a very hard time. I'd had about 15 different addresses and a series of relationships. I thought 'It's time to have a look at yourself.'

If poetry should address itself to the same needs and aspirations the same hopes and fears to which the Bible addresses itself it might rival it in distribution.

Hydrogen holds great promise to meet many of our future energy needs and it addresses national security and our environmental concerns. Hydrogen is the simplest most abundant element in the universe.

The College Access and Opportunity Act addresses the important need to make higher education more affordable and easier to access for low and middle-income students.

To whom does design address itself: to the greatest number to the specialist of an enlightened matter to a privileged social class? Design addresses itself to the need.

The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment the eye of the body is not always that of the soul.

Unless and until Barack Obama addresses the full depth of Americans' anger with his full arsenal of policy smarts and political gifts his presidency and worse our economy will be paralyzed.