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Ray had so much love of life and the music. He had so much integrity. He treated the music with so much dignity and respect. I spent four and a half years as a sideman with Ray Brown's trio. Music was his life more so than anyone I could mention.

If anyone asks for your autograph they're showing you respect and give it back to them.

I would like to work with anyone in the business who wants to give respect back to the Jamaican vibe.

See I respect boxing because it has given me so much and that's why I will never allow anyone to mistreat the sport of boxing if I can help it.

I don't think anyone can speculate what will happen with respect to oil prices and gas prices because they are set on the global economy.

Anyone who can do the splits and come back up on the backbeat as James Brown and Prince can has my eternal respect. Prince who is a genius of the highest order can come back up while singing and playing the guitar.

If you don't stand for something how can anyone respect what you do?

We must not enable anyone to impose his personal view regarding religion on others by force oppression or pressure.

Anyone with sincere religious beliefs cannot say that all religions are true. That is so illogical it is pathetic. All religion cannot be true because some of them are so diametrically opposed to each other.

I think it's perfectly just to refuse service to anyone based on behavior but not based on race or religion.

In the early days I had a very black-and-white view of everything. I think that's kind of natural for anyone who's just embraced Islam - or any religion - as a convert. It was important for me to duck out of the fast and furious life I'd been living as a pop star. I was in a different mood.

Whether one believes in a religion or not and whether one believes in rebirth or not there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion.

It was a good 15 or 20 years before anyone at Rand would be in the same room with me. They didn't want the question raised 'What's your relationship with Daniel Ellsberg?' And not one of them wrote me a letter because they didn't want a letter of theirs to show up in my trash - which the FBI had been going through.

One should never be sexually involved with anyone one genuinely cares for. A sexual relationship guarantees a loss.

The trouble with anyone when they're unhappy or in a relationship they recognize is not working but don't know what to do about is that they can't see farther out than that. If the relationship is not working if what was there isn't there anymore you have to do something about it.

Lotta people don't realize when you grow up with people you have an affinity a relationship you don't get with anyone else. After you're twenty years old anyone you meet after that it's different from the people you knew before.

You don't have to buy from anyone. You don't have to work at any particular job. You don't have to participate in any given relationship. You can choose.

Anyone working for a big company might be skeptical that a large business or even a strictly online business can form the same kind of friendly loyal relationship with customers as a local retailer. I'm saying it's already been done because I lived it.

I think the most important thing in life is self-love because if you don't have self-love and respect for everything about your own body your own soul your own capsule then how can you have an authentic relationship with anyone else?

When you think about it we actors are kind of prostitutes. We get paid to feign attraction and love. Other people are paying to watch us kissing someone touching someone doing things people in a normal monogamous relationship would never do with anyone who's not their partner. It's really kind of gross.

I don't need anyone to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.

Anyone entrusted with power will abuse it if not also animated with the love of truth and virtue no matter whether he be a prince or one of the people.

When anyone has the power to destroy the whole human race in a matter of hours it becomes a moral issue. The church must speak out.

Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.