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People from both political parties have long recognized that welfare without work creates negative incentives that lead to permanent poverty. It robs people of self-esteem.

The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.

I guess because it feels more open but I think being married is way sexier because it's really like your soul partner in a permanent fashion and then you strive for it to be something permanent and that type of commitment and trust if you can achieve it is so good for the soul.

Permanent success cannot be achieved except by incessant intellectual labour always inspired by the ideal.

In view of China's growing military strength and intentions the best way to safeguard Asia's permanent peace and prosperity is to have all Asian countries join forces with other democratic countries in the world to form a global community of democracies.

You see some of these actors they have a permanent smile on their face. How can they do that? It really fascinates me.

A permanent base on Mars would have a number of advantages beyond being a bonanza for planetary science and geology. If as some evidence suggests exotic micro-organisms have arisen independently of terrestrial life studying them could revolutionise biology medicine and biotechnology.

Such an arrangement would provide Taiwan and China with a forum for dialogue whereby they may forge closer ties based on mutual understanding and respect leading to permanent peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Just in our lifetime our society has become looser and more private it becomes extremely difficult to hold to any permanent commitment whatever least of all to organized religion.

My relationship to gravity is permanently altered.

Every president needs to deal with the permanent government of the country and the permanent government of the country is Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats and the questions becomes what is the relationship between that president and Wall Street.

I definitely think anything I'd be in now is a permanent relationship.

Power is action the electoral principle is discussion. No political action is possible when discussion is permanently established.

My first meeting as a senator my first day they were already talking about the next election. Part of that's the permanent campaign part of that's a word I've been using more frequently 'tribal.' Our politics has become tribal: It's us versus them.

The ability of the 1 percent to buy politicians and regulators is nothing new in American politics - just as inequality has been a permanent part of our economic system. This is true of virtually all political and economic systems.

As things are and as fundamentally they must always be poetry is not a career but a mug's game. No honest poet can ever feel quite sure of the permanent value of what he has written: He may have wasted his time and messed up his life for nothing.

Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job.

World-wide practice of Conservation and the fair and continued access by all nations to the resources they need are the two indispensable foundations of continuous plenty and of permanent peace.

TRUE permanent peace can never be restored until slavery the occasion of the war has ceased.

Only to the extent that men desire peace and brotherhood can the world be made better. No peace even though temporarily obtained will be permanent whether to individuals or nations unless it is built upon the solid foundation of eternal principles.

Suffering is permanent obscure and dark And shares the nature of infinity.

We are by nature observers and thereby learners. That is our permanent state.

Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent. Like tattoos and marriage.

Pink Floyd is like a marriage that's on a permanent trial separation.