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Easter is reflecting upon suffering for one thing but it also reflects upon Jesus and his non compliance in the face of great authority where he holds to his truth - so there's two stories there.

Spend time reflecting on your emotional and physical existence and how that applies to the voice. You have to apply that wisdom and experience when you sing - it's what comes through.

And for some reason when I'm sad I do listen to Leonard Cohen I do listen to Joni Mitchell. I do find myself going to the music that's actually reflecting my mood as opposed to sticking on Motown which might actually bring my mood up.

Who could look on these monuments without reflecting on the vanity of mortals in thus offering up testimonials of their respect for persons of whose very names posterity is ignorant?

Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.

Jazz vision is the fusion of music and art a real paradox of same-yet different. Here we play in exchanges like the hardness of the key of c# major and from the softness of Db major - capturing reflecting and improvising.

I felt that the elegance of pop music was that it was reflective: we were holding up a mirror to our audience and reflecting them philosophically and spiritually rather than just reflecting society or something called 'rock and roll.'

Knowledge is ancient error reflecting on its youth.

I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken but reflecting on it I don't think that was love. I think as I'm getting older and having more in-depth relationships maybe I'll experience it. At the moment I don't know exactly if I've been in love.

If the career you have chosen has some unexpected inconvenience console yourself by reflecting that no career is without them.