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We believe in a flexible union of free member states who share treaties and institutions and pursue together the ideal of co-operation to represent and promote the values of European civilisation in the world advance our shared interests by using our collective power to open markets and to build a strong economic base across the whole of Europe.

Treaties of peace made after war are entrusted to individuals to negotiate and carry out.

Some people suggest that the problem is the separation of powers. If you had a parliamentary system the struggle for power would not result in such complex peace treaties that empower so many different people to pursue so many contradictory aims.

Each one of these treaties is a step for the maintenance of peace an additional guarantee against war. It is through such machinery that the disputes between nations will be settled and war prevented.

Peace is not made at the council table or by treaties but in the hearts of men.

Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government.

As a first step there must be an offer to achieve equality of rights in disarmament by abolishing the weapons forbidden to the Central Powers by the Peace Treaties.

There are more effective ways of tackling environmental problems including global warming proliferation of plastics urban sprawl and the loss of biodiversity than by treaties top-down regulations and other approaches offered by big governments and their dependents.

Treaties agreements and organizations to help settle disputes may be necessary but they often favor the interests of business over citizens.