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I am endlessly fascinated that playing football is considered a training ground for leadership but raising children isn't. Hey it made me a better leader: you have to take a lot of people's needs into account you have to look down the road. Trying to negotiate getting a couple of kids to watch the same TV show requires serious diplomacy.

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It's very hard for a woman in comedy. It's hard for women to be bold and not care what anyone particularly men think. Maybe that is why so many women comics are lesbians.

Comedy can be especially in a writer's room really aggressive kind of a very male-dominated room and it would be hard for women. It's not a nurturing place. It's not like a lot of women are going to say I can't wait to live that lifestyle and be in a writer's room until 2 or 3 a.m.

The day of the wedding went like these things generally do full of anxious moments interspersed with black comedy.

I love doing comedy. Absolutely love it. After 'Wedding Crashers ' people suddenly realized that it was something I could do.

Comedy is a way to make sense of chaos. It's a way of dealing with things that are overwhelming that threaten you it's a way to survive and get closer to the truth.

When you do a drama you are challenged to trust your inner voice much more. Because when you put a comedy in front of even a 25-person screening you know whether it's working or not. The barometer is overt.

I'm a comedian for God's sake. Viewers shouldn't trust me. And you know what? They're hip enough to know they shouldn't trust me. I'm just doing stand-up comedy.

A lot of people say that comedy doesn't travel well. I found it very accessible.

Michael Palin decided to give up on his considerable comedy talents to make those dreadfully tedious travel shows. Have you ever tried to watch one?

I did work at a mall in college - I think retail/customer service is just one of the most hideous jobs in the world. So I always try to be extra nice when I go into a store. But malls are part of our culture if you watched any teen comedy in the '80s. it's clear that malls are where we live!

I'd never made a teen comedy in my life.

If a movie isn't a hit right out of the gate they drop it. Which means that the whole mainstream Hollywood product has been skewed toward violence and vulgar teen comedy.

I wanted to be an English teacher. I wanted to do it for the corduroy jackets with patches on the side. When I got to college as I was walking across campus one day I ripped off a little flyer for this sketch-comedy group. It ended up being one of the greatest things I've ever done.

If I can make a teacher's salary doing comedy I think that's better than being a teacher.

A sign now of success with a certain audience when you do a short comedy piece anywhere is that it gets on YouTube and gets around. It's always something you're thinking about unconsciously.

I've been doing a lot of drama but I feel like comedy is my strength.

As a kid I was short and only weighed 95 pounds. And though I was active in a lot of Sports and got along with most of the guys I think I used comedy as a defense mechanism. You know making someone laugh is a much better way to solve a problem than by using your fists.

Breaking records is not something you expect to be doing. That's like a sports thing it's not usually a comedy and writing thing.

I love a good laugh as well I think that's so important in life which is probably why I've dabbled in comedy writing as well as horror. I think if you can make someone laugh or smile it's the most special thing in the world.

Comedy is very hard but you have to learn the art and science of it.

It's both funny and sad which seem to me to be the two basic ingredients of good comedy.

And the sad truth is that nobody wants me to write comedy. The Exorcist not only ended that career it expunged all memory of its existence.

I had to choose I'd be so sad. They are flip sides of the same coin. I love both comedy and drama.

My comedy is for children from three to 93. You do need a slightly childish sense of humour and if you haven't got that it's very sad.