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The contemporary form of true greatness lies in a civilization founded on the spirituality of work.

One feels very blessed to be born into a family like the Birla family which is a household name in India which stands for tradition is yet contemporary stands for trust.

I consulted a Chinese herbalist and spent two weeks on an island off the coast of Zanzibar. I was away from any kind of contemporary technology.

When I was writing 'The Abstinence Teacher ' I really tried to immerse myself in contemporary American evangelical culture.

The conception that instead of this contemporary society is at or near a turning point is very prominent in the views of a school of social scientists who though they are still comparatively few are getting more and more of a hearing.

Ostensibly rigorous and realistic contemporary conservatism is an ideology of denial. Its symbol is a smile button.

I think that if the novel's task is to describe where we find ourselves and how we live now the novelist must take a good hard look at the most central facts of contemporary life - technology and science.

One of the sad things about contemporary journalism is that it actually matters very little. The world now is almost inured to the power of journalism. The best journalism would manage to outrage people. And people are less and less inclined to outrage.

Marks of Identity is among other things the expression of the process of alienation in a contemporary intellectual with respect to his own country.

No it's interesting to remake a film for the contemporary audience today. I think it's a good idea it needs to respect the original idea. Don't just take the title and change everything else.

If the individual is to be happy in the contemporary order he must be open-minded with respect to new values and new arrangements.

The engine of ancient society was religion but the engine of contemporary society as I see it is advertising.

I was always interested in French poetry sort of as a sideline to my own work I was translating contemporary French poets. That kind of spilled out into translation as a way to earn money pay for food and put bread on the table.

But I don't think that poetry is a good to use a contemporary word venue for current events.

Every American poet feels that the whole responsibility for contemporary poetry has fallen upon his shoulders that he is a literary aristocracy of one.

I guess maybe I try to make movies that are closer to real life than are many Hollywood movies. But I still try to stay within a commercial narrative a contemporary American vernacular.

It's the contemporary woman that movies don't know what to do with other than bathe her in a bridal glow in romantic comedies where both the romance and the comedy are artificial sweeteners.

I never want to make a film. I don't wake up in the morning going 'Ooh I'd really love to be on set making a film today'. I'm aware that other contemporary film directors perceive film-making as what they do as what they have to do. But I would hope that I am more catholic in my tastes.

If we wish to discuss knowledge in the most highly developed contemporary society we must answer the preliminary question of what methodological representation to apply to that society.

You cannot simply put something new into a place. You have to absorb what you see around you what exists on the land and then use that knowledge along with contemporary thinking to interpret what you see.

Philip Larkin has a tough honesty and sense of humor that I find irresistible as a contemporary poet.

Perhaps there is no greater issue facing contemporary women than the choices they must make about balancing home and work.

The history of Christianity therefore must be of concern to all who are interested in the record of man and particularly to all who seek to understand the contemporary human scene.

Minimalism seems closest to the sophisticated storytelling of movies. Movies have really educated contemporary audiences to be the most intelligent sophisticated audiences in history. We don't any longer need to have the relationship between one scene and the next explained. We will figure it out ourselves.