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I feel increasingly like age is very irrelevant. Quite often cynicism is confused with wisdom and my scorn is confused with a knowing which I don't have.

You know what the critics are. If you tell the truth they only say you're cynical and it does an author no good to get a reputation for cynicism.

I think there ought to be a club in which preachers and journalists could come together and have the sentimentalism of the one matched with the cynicism of the other. That ought to bring them pretty close to the truth.

It is only the cynicism that is born of success that is penetrating and valid.

Most cynics are really crushed romantics: they've been hurt they're sensitive and their cynicism is a shell that's protecting this tiny dear part in them that's still alive.

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.

If you're sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles come and join this campaign.

For a poet to depict a poet in poetry is a hazardous experiment in regarding one's own trade a sense of humour and a little wholesome cynicism are not amiss.

After making several tragic movies in a row I was looking to do a comedy and one without cynicism.

Contrary to current cynicism about past golden ages the abstraction known as 'the intelligent layperson' does exist - in the form of millions of folks with a passionate commitment to continuous learning.

Doubt is the middle position between knowledge and ignorance. It encompasses cynicism but also genuine questioning.

Cynicism is the intellectual cripple's substitute for intelligence.

It's a wonderful thing working with young actors. I know a lot of people don't like working with children. I actually adore it because you watch their imagination open up and you watch them start to learn this job that I've been doing for so long. They come with such a lack of cynicism.

Cynicism and naivety lie cheek by jowl in the American imagination if the United States is one of the most venal nations on Earth it is also one of the most earnestly idealistic.

I suppose I miss the British cynicism and the humor.

In the end that's what this election is about. Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?

Cynicism is humor in ill health.

Life is not an easy matter... You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above personal misery above weakness above all kinds of perfidy and baseness.

I think we too often make choices based on the safety of cynicism and what we're lead to is a life not fully lived. Cynicism is fear and it's worse than fear - it's active disengagement.

Optimism with some experience behind it is much more energizing than plain old experience with a certain degree of cynicism.

Reforming public education cutting property taxes fixing adult and child protective services and funding our budget can all occur when Democrats and Republicans engage in consensus and cooperation - not cynicism and combat.

I think violence cynicism brutality and fashion are the staples of our diet. I think in the grand history of story-telling going back to people sitting around fires the dark side of human nature has always been very important. Movies are part of that tradition.

If only media people would stop reaching for the low-hanging fruit which is cynicism and pessimism and stopped trying so hard to be hip and cool and have a swagger.

Cynicism is kind of like folding your arms and stepping back and commenting on things like the old guys in 'The Muppets ' just throwing out comments all the time whereas there are other people on the ground really trying to affect things and improve their lives and the lives of other people. I think it's noble and I think it's cool.