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I feel blessed to be here representing our country and carrying out th research of scientists around the world... I hope you could feel the positive energy that beamed to the whole planet as we glided over.

I'd try to channel my nervous energy in a positive way into strength and endurance. It didn't always work.

Sometimes a good love song can change the world and create positive energy more than any political song can.

Conserving energy and thus saving money reducing consumption of unnecessary products and packaging and shifting to a clean-energy economy would likely hurt the bottom line of polluting industries but would undoubtedly have positive effects for most of us.

Foods high in bad fats sugar and chemicals are directly linked to many negative emotions whereas whole natural foods rich in nutrients - foods such as fruits vegetables grains and legumes - contribute to greater energy and positive emotions.

Instead of hating I have chosen to forgive and spend all of my positive energy on changing the world.

When you are enthusiastic about what you do you feel this positive energy. It's very simple.

You've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive effective unstoppable determination.

London in the '70s was a pretty catastrophic dump I can tell you. We had every kind of industrial trouble we had severe energy problems we were under constant terrorist attack from Irish terrorist groups who started a bombing campaign in English cities politics were fantastically polarized between left and right.

In the world of energy politics the sudden vanishing of the word 'coal' is a remarkable and unprecedented event.

Any long work in which poetry is persistent be it epic or drama or narrative is really a succession of separate poetic experiences governed into a related whole by an energy distinct from that which evoked them.

Poetry is a natural energy resource of our country.It has no energy crisis possessing a potential that will last as long as the country. Its power is equal to that of any country in the world.

Chemistry itself knows altogether too well that - given the real fear that the scarcity of global resources and energy might threaten the unity of mankind - chemistry is in a position to make a contribution towards securing a true peace on earth.

It has taken a great deal of energy which has not been so difficult to summon as the necessary patience to wait simply wait much of the time - until my instincts assured me that I had assembled my materials in proper order for a final welding into their natural form.

I wish that all of nature's magnificence the emotion of the land the living energy of place could be photographed.

We all need to look into the dark side of our nature - that's where the energy is the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we're busy denying.

There is a muscular energy in sunlight corresponding to the spiritual energy of wind.

The ground we walk on the plants and creatures the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations - each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy bound together by cosmic harmony.

Put you energy into music. If it fails you you can become an accountant or a dentist. And then if you become a dentist or an accountant it's too late to become a musician afterwards.

In essence String Theory describes space and time matter and energy gravity and light indeed all of God's creation... as music.

I can still love an ex as a person regardless if the breakup was bad. I would never wish anything negative on them. It takes more energy to hate them than to wish them well.

Usually when you see females in movies they feel like they have these metallic structures around them they are caged in by male energy.

What I like to do is just make good music good movies hopefully perform a good show full of energy and just have some fun.

I feel a lot healthier when I'm having sex. Physically. I feel all these jitters when I wake up in the morning. Just energy jitters. I take vitamins I work out every day. When I'm having sex I don't have that.