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If the amount of money going into the war economy were invested in landscape restoration we would be in a far more positive position. It may get a little dire before we pull together but I think when the prosperous nations and in particular the U.S. realize they're wrecking their own kids' lives there will be a mass change in value.

Positive healthy loving relationships in your twenties... I don't know if anyone would disagree with it: I think they're the exception not the norm. People are either playing house really aggressively because they're scared of what an uncertain time it is or they're avoiding commitment altogether.

The next thing I am doing is moving back home to Minnesota and getting involved in politics. I'm looking at a run for Senate in 2008 but in the meantime I am focused on knitting together the progressive network in the upper Midwest.

Music shouldn't be based around money or politics. Music should be a bunch of people that really do great songs together doing them together for the pursuit of having a good time.

I met my wife Anne who was a sociology student and her influence together with activities associated with the student movement of the time opened up my interests amongst other things into the theatre art music politics and philosophy.

It's not about division. It's not about politics. My concern is how do we come together?

For too long we have focused on our differences - in our politics and backgrounds in our race and beliefs - rather than cherishing the unity and pride that binds us together.

I have no consistency except in politics and that probably arises from my indifference to the subject altogether.

Justice sir is the great interest of man on earth. It is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together.

I'd always loved poetry and I'd always loved writing music and composing music but I hadn't thought of putting the two together until around that time.

High and low culture come together in all Post Modern art and American poetry is not excluded from this.

I like the way words go together and I like the gamesmanship of writing poetry. It is such a challenge.

When you translate poetry in particular you're obliged to look at how the writer with whom you're working puts together words sentences phrases the triple tension between the line of verse the syntax and the sentence.

I think that's what poetry does. It allows people to come together and identify with a common thing that is outside of themselves but which they identify with from the interior.

Those who say we should dismantle the role of Poet Laureate altogether the trick they miss is that being called this thing with the weight of tradition behind it and with the association of the Royal family does allow you to have conversations and to open doors and wallets for the good of poetry in a way that nothing else would allow.

Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream - they go together.

I always wrote poetry and stuff like that so putting songs together wasn't that spectacular.

Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas nerved and blooded with emotions all held together by the delicate tough skin of words.

A poem is true if it hangs together. Information points to something else. A poem points to nothing but itself.

I've teamed up with PetSmart Charities to celebrate the five million homeless pets who've found homes through their in-store adoption centers and to spread the word about how we can work together to save millions more pets' lives and ultimately end pet homelessness.

We as the Afghan people and government are willing to help Pakistan work for peace in Afghanistan and work for peace in Pakistan together.

Together we can create a world in which peace is real in which every human being can thrive in which all share the promise of our century. I believe we can succeed.

In Hawaii we have something called Ho'oponopono where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance.

Chemistry itself knows altogether too well that - given the real fear that the scarcity of global resources and energy might threaten the unity of mankind - chemistry is in a position to make a contribution towards securing a true peace on earth.