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We cannot improve on the system of government handed down to us by the founders of the Republic. There is no way to improve upon that. But what we can do is to find new ways to implement that system and realize our destiny.

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A lot of married people certainly have wonderful relationships with their dogs but when you're single and your dog is the only other living thing in your house it's a really special relationship which I wanted CATHY to have.

My father and I are very similar and have a wonderful relationship but we both stand by our opinions.

But I think there's something wonderful and extraordinary about climbing on your own and just that kind of relationship to the environment. I'm very addicted to the mountains. You know so I do like that solitude.

We have a strange and wonderful relationship - he's strange and I'm wonderful.

It is remarkable by how much a pinch of malice enhances the penetrating power of an idea or an opinion. Our ears it seems are wonderfully attuned to sneers and evil reports about our fellow men.

There is so much that is positive wonderful even about state schools. At a state school your kids will learn to live alongside and appreciate other kids from many diverse and different cultures.

I'm concentrating on the positive on all the wonderful things I'm doing now.

The wonderful Mozambican people have endured tremendous misery without losing their dignity and their positive outlook on life. Moreover they have not lost their will to progress and develop. Mozambique is a country where the people never surrendered.

I think especially in a world where you have so little say about what goes on in your life or in the politics of the world around you it is wonderful to go into that studio and tell yourself what to do.

I always liked the magic of poetry but now I'm just starting to see behind the curtain of even the best poets how they've used tried and tested craft to create the illusion. Wonderful feeling of exhilaration to finally be there.

That's a wonderful change that's taken place and so most poetry today is published if not directly by the person certainly by the enterprise of the poet himself working with his friends.

There is a wonderful Hungarian literature especially in lyric poetry.

I was excited by what my painter friends were doing and they seemed to be interested in our poetry too and that was a wonderful little fizzy sort of world.

And my father was a comic. He could play any musical instrument. He loved to perform. He was a wonderfully comedic character. He had the ability to dance and sing and charm and analyze poetry.

When you're going through something whether it's a wonderful thing like having a child or a sad thing like losing somebody you often feel like 'Oh my God I'm so overwhelmed I'm dealing with this huge thing on my own.' In fact poetry's a nice reminder that no everybody goes through it. These are universal experiences.

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

Give your dog or cat respect patience understanding and love. And if you just change to one vegetarian day a week that's a wonderful step that will save animal lives. It means you have chosen something kind instead of something cruel.

Home life's great man. The kids are great happy and healthy. I've reached this sort of wonderful precipice.

I feel very blessed to have two wonderful healthy children who keep me completely grounded sane and throw up on my shoes just before I go to an awards show just so I know to keep it real.

I mean you always want everybody to pat you on the back and tell you you're wonderful every time you do something I think that's human nature.

Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature.

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.

I'm just lucky because my kids are grown-up - I love them very proud of them and we are in close contact as big-time friends but they don't need me that much now and I can actually enjoy this wonderful world of music.

I am severely distracted these days. It's hard to sit in front of the computer uploading bad music for hours when you have a wonderful boyfriend who treats you like a Goddess.