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You're basing your laws and your whole outlook on natural life on mythology. It won't work. That's why you have all these problems in the world. Name them: India Pakistan Ireland. Name them-all these problems. They're all religious problems.

The religious superstitions of women perpetuate their bondage more than all other adverse influences.

Focus on the mind and the soul. Read. Study. Enrol in a course of lectures. Pray. Become a member of a religious congregation. Study the Bible or other ancient works of wisdom.

Everybody has a job to do. There are people in Iraq on both sides of this war who do what they do for religious reasons and they feel with God on their side. Some people are good at annihilating people. Maybe that's their gift.

The truth is that the religious and the scientific processes though involving different methods are identical in their final aim. Both aim at reaching the most real.

Establishing an equilibrium between the Islam of truth and Islam as an identity is one of the most difficult tasks of religious intellectuals.

We can trust our doctors to be professional to minister equally to their patients without regard to their political or religious beliefs. But we can no longer trust our professors to do the same.

Once again we come to the Holiday Season a deeply religious time that each of us observes in his own way by going to the mall of his choice.

I have an almost religious zeal... not for technology per se but for the Internet which is for me the nervous system of mother Earth which I see as a living creature linking up.

My parents were early converts to Christianity in my part of Nigeria. They were not just converts my father was an evangelist a religious teacher. He and my mother traveled for thirty-five years to different parts of Igboland spreading the gospel.

We should not run away from religious teachings. We should run to them.

If you can go out with your live show and turn people on to that where you have that fan base that's religious and they're going to come see you when you're in that town once your radio success is gone and you're not a mainstream guy anymore you can still go out and play your shows.

To make the moral achievement implicit in science a source of strength to civilization the scientist will have to have the cooperation also of the philosopher and the religious teacher.

Religious beliefs evolved by group-selection tribe competing against tribe and the illogic of religions is not a weakness but their essential strength.

And I watch 'Saturday Night Live' religiously I have since I was a little boy. I watch it basically like one of my favorite sports teams.

Social cohesion was built into language long before Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter - we're tribal by nature. Tribes today aren't the same as tribes thousand of years ago: It isn't just religious tribes or ethnic tribes now: It's sports fans it's communities it's geography.

The idea is we're still a society where we recognize and see and even sometimes seek members of our own tribe whatever that tribe is. It could be ethnic religious geographic political.

Am I a criminal? The world knows I'm not a criminal. What are they trying to put me in jail for? You've lost common sense in this society because of religious fanaticism and dogma.

I claim that human mind or human society is not divided into watertight compartments called social political and religious. All act and react upon one another.

So one reason the science educators panic at the first sign of public rebellion is that they fear exposure of the implicit religious content in what they are teaching.

Every science is a profane restatement of the preceding dogmas of the religious period.

I certainly saw science as a kind of calling and one with as much legitimacy as a religious calling.

Fudging the data in any way whatsoever is quite literally a sin against the holy ghost of science. I'm not religious but I put it that way because I feel so strongly. It's the one thing you do not ever do. You've got to have standards.

Among the many reasons assignable for the sad decay of true Christianity perhaps the neglecting to assemble ourselves together in religious societies may not be one of the least.